Personal Branding

The Process

Monogram, Wordmark, Visual Marque & Brand Guidelines


This is my personal brand, made up of a personal monogram, wordmark and visual marque and tied together with a set of unique brand guidelines. This project allowed me to experiment as a designer, forcing me to constantly refine my ideas to select the perfect brand that fits with my design style. The colours within my brand are modern and fun, just like me! And the word mark is bold and dominant, standing out in peoples memory.


The brief for this project was to create a personal brand identity. I knew that this project would be mostly illustration based so I was so excited to start.


Throughout the project I did face a number of challenges, esspecially when trying to sketch and initial idea, I found it impossible to match my initials togehter to make a monogram so it took much refinement before I reached my final product.

Final Product

I am very proud of my final product (shown on right) as it really does depict my brand in every sense. Fun, quirky but professional.

Travel App

Activity Discount app for travelling

Ilustration/ UX

A travel themed app I designed around activity discounts, the aim was to produce three screens; home, search and city. The overall theme was travel but I decided to go for the unique and design an app that pinpoints the best deals for your holiday location, depending on factors such as age, interests and medical conditions so any user would be able to get a unique response.

Take a look on Tumblr!

Designer Website

Essay website about the life and work of Zuzana Licko


This is a website I created about the inspirational and talented Zuzana Licko, type designer and trendsetter. It is a static, single paged website that details the early life and career of Licko.

Take a look here!